Providing investors with confidence, through clarity.

Supporting Private Equity houses and investors with transaction advisory and value creation services. Technology Due Diligence, Vendor Due Diligence and Digital Strategy Roadmaps. 


Making technology matter. 

Meridia is a solutions-driven boutique advisory firm serving private equity investors and their portfolio companies, with a focus on technology due diligence, digital transformation strategy and technology value creation. With a broad range of industry, functional and technical expertise, our expert team provide executive leadership consulting across the private equity M&A lifecycle.

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Investment Cycle

Unlocking the power of technology throughout the entire investment journey.

At every stage of the investment cycle, we provide valuable support to our Private Equity clients. Our advisory services encompass Technology, Data and AI Due Diligence, as well as Digital Strategy Roadmaps, which enable us to evaluate risks and identify opportunities in target investments. Our delivery team is instrumental in assisting portfolio companies in implementing their digital transformation strategies swiftly, achieving the desired vision, and maximising exit value.


Confidence to guide your critical investment decisions.

Technology Due Diligence

Private equity due diligence for tech investments, with objective TechTrac analytics platforms to confirm how a target measures up with the wider market

Expert Sessions

Deep dives in security, architecture, engineering organisational alignment and SDLC processes

Interim Leadership

Interim leadership roles to guide your team: CTOs, CISOs, CIOs, chief engineers and chief architects.


Integration and separation of platforms and products for carve outs and add-ons

Exit Readiness

Exit prep coaching and sell-side due diligence, vendor due diligence reports and assistance with bidders.


Refined solutions over hundreds of transactions.

  • Technology Due Diligence

  • Technology Audits

  • Digital Strategy & Roadmap

  • Exits & Vendor Due Diligence

Due Diligence that provides Private Equity clients with clarity around technology.

We discovered that while digitisation is now an essential part of value creation, the investors behind our client companies felt ill-equipped to evaluate opportunities, question management teams and validate IMs through a technology lens. With twenty years’ experience of digitally transforming leading companies, we designed our unique service to satisfy this unmet need and give our PE clients the intelligence and insight to make confident investment decisions. 

Evaluate the efficiency, security, and health of your systems, software, and hardware. 

If a deal has progressed rapidly and you still have questions about the technology infrastructure and team capabilities, or require more confidence regarding the digital goals and possibilities in your most recent portfolio company - we apply the same meticulousness and strategic thinking utilised in our digital due diligence assignments to our post-deal Technology Audits. This service offers you greater understanding and assurance regarding the digital aspects of the business.

Supporting value creation plans with technology and digital strategies.

We partner with private equity firms and portfolio management teams to develop innovative Digital Strategies that drive transformative results as part of comprehensive Value Creation Plans. Our unique two-phase approach begins with a thorough audit of your current digital maturity, capabilities, and initiatives, allowing our team of experts to gain a deep understanding of your desired destination. In the subsequent strategy phase, we craft a detailed and actionable digital strategy and roadmap that is tailored to the business.

Identify technology risks before they become problems.

Our Vendor Due Diligence assessment highlights risks before they get flagged in buy-side assessments, helping you to avoid any surprises and fundraise with confidence. Investor due diligence can reveal unidentified risks that could hurt your valuation, or even stop an exit dead in its tracks. We identify technical risks for you and provide the guidance you need to remedy them ahead of investor analysis.


A focus on cyber security.


Assessing the security posture of a target business.

Whether we are carrying out the diligence assignment for a potential investor or helping an existing portfolio company get ready for sale with vendor due diligence, we find that cyber security is an important aspect of any assignment.